Community Council - Kiva Night for All Adults (18 and older)


We are excited to offer a monthly community council space in the Kiva! Come, sit in witness and dialogue with each other for the benefit of all our people, human and otherwise. In this space we invite us all into a less domesticated way of listening and speaking; as wise people, each with a unique and valuable perspective, all of us grateful, joyful and heartbroken participants in the great turning. Within this context we might listen to, and respond from, the deeper story – encouraging us to move past the edges of our habituated modes of communication, behavior and stories.

This is not a space for ‘talking from the head’ or for telling or teaching anyone anything. This is a place to speak to the grief, the rage, the longing, the gratitude and the love for all that it means to be human at this time. It’s a place to challenge the ways you’ve become stuck in a mode of community belonging that serves a small story.

The guides will weave the threads of the council as it progresses to honor the living wisdom narrative that emerges from our shared stories. They reserve the right to ask you to be silent (if you’re over-speaking, lecturing, speaking with “you” instead of “I”, etc).

The Founding Co-Guides*

Jeff Howard & Christiane Pelmas are guides, therapists, parents, lovers of the wild world, and lovers of each other. Both come to this offering having developed an intimate relationship with the Kiva over the last many years. The Kiva holds Jeff’s on-going men’s group Fire Series, an evolving group dedicated to redefining what it is to be a man and to holding one another with fierceness, care, and honesty for the benefit of all. The Kiva also holds the many women’s programs offered by Christiane since 2011 -- all held with the intention to reweave fierce, wise, tender and intelligent female community at a time when doing so is a subversive and radical act. Christiane & Jeff come together to offer this monthly community council because they both hold the belief that vibrant, honest and compassionate community (and the witness, sense of belonging, and intimacy we weave there) is an essential – and largely absent – element in our human healing and wholing.

*It is our vision and hope that this monthly council will be held by many different ‘elders’ as the months progress. If you’re interested in guiding the council and/or tending the fire we ask that you have a frequent presence as participant before stepping into that role.

There is no registration required for this event. The cost is $20, and payment can be made by using the form on the right, or in cash when you arrive.

All Community Kivas are held from 7 – 9:30pm, and are located at 6482 Jib Court, Boulder 80301

Please park on Mast and Kalua – the streets just prior to Jib. Jib is a small cul-de-sac and there is little to no room for parking.

More detailed event information is available here


Upcoming Dates:

•  Sunday September 30, 2018 • 

•  Sunday October 28, 2018 • 

•  Sunday November 25, 2018 • 

• Sunday December 30, 2018 •