The OneWoman mission is to organize and empower a global female uprising with the power to lay down the foundation of a new world cycle in which all Life is sacred. 


We will do this by creating invitations for females:

  • to remember our wisdom and power, awakening to our rightful place in human culture

  • to combine our formidable resources, intelligence and energy, including our money and our political power

  • to organize and act with unequivocal global power, unified in mission but honoring our essential diversity of expression, perspectives and languages

  • to lay down the foundation of a new world cycle in which human culture is a benevolent, grateful and generous presence on Earth


The OneWoman Movement will reweave the web of life through the collaboration of individuals, communities, organizations and visions across the globe, all dedicated to reimagining human culture in a way many of our minds cannot currently imagine it. We believe in the change that occurs through the use of power-with, including magic (the ritual practice of collaborative intention and resources directed toward a mutually envisioned outcome), to achieve unimaginable and unforeseeable goals only possible when we come together in service of a shared vision, using the language, skills and practices that have been systematically silenced by Patriarchy. 

 The OneWoman Movement will unfold over time, offering opportunities for actions that are both local and global. The actions and opportunities will be two-fold: 

  • we will be given opportunities to divest our time, participation and resources (including our money) from those things that are essential aspects of Patriarchal culture, and its unsustainable, damaging systems and programs

  • we will be given opportunities to directly invest our time, participation and resources (including our money) in those solutions which are foundations of a new world cycle that honors the Earth, directly contributing to the vitality and wellness of Life.

The OneWoman vision is different from current activism opportunities that invite us to work withinthe system of Patriarchy to achieve small changes that may eventually add up to big ones, or at the very least, that will slow the ultimately destructive course we’re on. The OneWoman Movement aims to entirely undermine and reconstruct our current human culture, deconstructing and rebuilding the very institutions we have been taught and told are the traditional, god-granted expressions of intelligent humanity – from the intimate systems that define our sex and our families, to the institutional systems defining our banking, our education and our food production. It’s a bold, perhaps even grandiose, (certainly some would say naive) vision. But women, it is one of the more extraordinary and mystifying accomplishments of the Patriarchy that it has disempowered the feminine to such an extent that we have forgotten the outrageous generative power that is our endowment, with all the primary fierce unrelenting intelligence that comes with it. Undermining and rebuilding human culture is a monumental – yet eminently achievable – task for the ones who are the singular reason there is still a human culture in need of redirection. We are the mothers of Life. Mothering is the fiercest, most unapologetic, goal-directed, visionary role. As the ones responsible for the existence and continued wellbeing of all Life, our endowments are unique and unequivocal. 

Women, it is time we remembered this.