Enrollment Is Now Open!

(Beginning January 6, 2020)

Across the world, throughout nearly all human culture, females have been (and still are) the singular focus of the largest organized campaign of oppression and domestication in the history of our species. This oppression – and the commodification of our wise, wild, generative female capacity – extends to all life, including the Earth upon which we rely for our survival. As much as we might like to believe this campaign is coming to an end, it is more powerful, subversive and intact than ever before. If we are to shift our course as humans it is probable that the only true antidote to this campaign of violence against Life is the resurrection of healthy, sovereign women’s culture and community. Only then will we be able to create a world in which all Life is sacred.  

This group mentorship is an opportunity to be deeply held and guided while you are forming your women’s circle, from the ground up. I strongly recommend each participant be actively weaving the web of women’s community – in some way – while participating in the formal phase of this mentorship. Even if that means you are gathering bi-weekly with one or two other women. Ideally, this means you are prepared to start your own women’s group while actively participating with us. Your learning will be immeasurably richer if you’re able to take what we’re learning and put it to the test in the days and weeks between our calls. And, equally important, the group will have a better capacity to track, witness and reflect your particular woman’s voice, medicine and power back to you, so you grow a deeper intimacy with your ‘woman’s way’. If you’re participating in this mentorship with an eye on eventually leading women’s circles professionally, the Reweaving Mentorship level I training is the essential step.

The Reweaving Women’s Community Mentorship & Training Levels I & II are a unique and effective deep dive into experiential learning.


  • You are new to women’s circles and would like to create a ‘leaderless’ women’s group in your community, with specific, focused guidance, encouragement and skills

  • You are already participating in a women’s group and your group would like to learn greater skills, develop deeper intimacy and have more nourishing fun

  • You are already in a woman’s group and your group is struggling – from lack of cohesion and intimacy, unexplored shadow terrain or any of the other issues women’s community tends to get mired in (if this is the case, I encourage participation to be shared by the whole group including funding your tuition in this course and watching recorded calls as a group, exploring all provided written and recorded material together)

  • You are longing for a forum to explore the re-invention of women’s community, to learn more about your own style and offering in this realm and to meet other women from around the world who are exploring this terrain relationship with women’s community


  • 8 bi-weekly 2-hour ZOOM calls
    Our calls will be a weaving of didactic information, conversation, skill-building and Q & A; we will focus on the process of creating a flourishing and nourishing closed, leaderless women’s group (these calls are spaced out to give you time to carry out the tasks you assign to yourself during our gatherings and will be recorded in case you miss one)

  • Smaller Sub-Groups (3 – 4 women each)
    We will divide ourselves into smaller groups in which you’ll have the opportunity to weave your personal women’s group vision in greater detail, while also having a chance to more deeply support and track a few other women in their process

  • Experiential Group Participation
    We will be weaving our own group culture as we go along, so you will have the opportunity to feel the shadow, fear, joy, intimacy and more that naturally arise as women forge radical relationship with each other

  • Hands-On Guidance as You Start Your Women’s Group
    You are encouraged to come to the group able to articulate (to some extent) your vision for what kind of group you would like to experience and create; together we will help you refine the vision, create the invitation, support you through the delivery of the invitation and (if your group participants’ schedules are amenable) the first one or two gatherings

  • Specific Do’s & Don’ts
    There are a few strong guidelines for how to call women together and sow the seeds of (just enough) safety and intimacy so the roots grow deep and strong; you will receive plenty of hands-on guidance for how to navigate the early stages of group formation, culture creation and growth, group ‘rules’ and guidelines

  • Private Group Forum
    We will all participate in a private group discussion forum to share ideas, questions and encouragement with each other

Call Dates:
Calls take place on the 1st and 3rd Mondays, January through April, at 12pm Mountain Time. Daylight Savings time begins March 8, 2020 at which time we will set our clocks one hour forward which might effect the call times for those of you in zones that do not do daylight savings. These calls are scheduled to (attempt to) make it possible for more women in disparate time zones to participate, though meeting everyone’s scheduling needs is, of course, impossible.

  • January 6 & 20

  • February 3 & 17

  • March 2 & 16

  • April 6 & 20


$449* or four payments of $124.75
(Do not let the tuition impede your participation. If you are ready to step in, and you are not in a position to pay the full tuition, be in touch with me. We will work something out.)

* Please note - payment plans include a $50 convenience fee. Once this program begins no refunds will be issued for any reason


Your guide: Christiane Pelmas

I’m a psychotherapist, mentor, guide, writer and teacher. I’ve been a participant and facilitator in women’s groups for 35 years, beginning at 18 years old when I had the opportunity to participate in my first women’s group as a newly trained rape crisis volunteer. My own women’s group, which came together in 2010, has been gathering multiple times a month since then. In addition to regular council gatherings, we also now going on extended annual retreats together and do daylong and half-day immersions. We have also committed to mentoring less established or faltering, women’s groups in the Boulder/Denver area. Most of us in this group are therapists and guides and still…..STILL (!)….. with all our experience, we have our ups and downs, gritty places, shadow terrain, and outright ruptures which require repair. As with all relationships, we are learning (and learning some more) that the wellness and growth of our group depends on our willingness and capacity to repair far more than on our avoidance of ruptures. It is one of my favorite things to do to teach and guide processes of intelligent repair among women. The world we love and care for is depending upon us to remember our power here….

…. the power of fierce, compassionate and intimate women’s community to heal a majority of the silencing, devaluing and disempowerment of the feminine and all things related to the feminine body including the Earth and Life itself; those precious things upon which we all rely for our survival, that are being assaulted to the point of extinction.