Women. There is a particular and essential presence and wisdom missing across the world. It is a wisdom that has been diligently tending the fabric of partnership and marriage, of family and children, of the elderly and the newborn. It is the wisdom that has been active in the intimate spaces, trying to mend the most gaping holes, as bigger ones rip within our grasp. All the while, as we are mothering our own children and the communities we live in, the world of men has gone on without us. For centuries now there has been an absence of fierce, unapologetic mothering; mothering at all levels of our culture, from the most intimate spaces to the most public. Now, we have governments run by people who do not believe they answer to the Earth, who do not believe they come from the Earth. Somehow, now, we must stand up and find ways to mother the cultures that have gone so astray they are killing the very system their own children and grandchildren rely upon for their future.

Somehow Women….we must stand up, with everything we have.

Please Join Us! We do not have answers or next steps. But we know it is (past) time for a new human story that; one that speaks of right size, of gratitude, of cooperation and of respect. These are not words our governments speak or hear. And so WOMEN, it is time to weave our hearts and minds, our money and our ferocity. Together we will listen, and we will conspire, and WOMEN….we will ACT. Together we will ROAR on behalf of all Life.


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Free Monthly Call Open to All Women

These free, monthly 90-minute calls, are open to all women wishing to step in to the essential terrain of rebuilding women’s culture and community. These will be teaching calls to support us in starting and maintaining successful women’s groups. We will explore all the aspects of creating and maintaining successful women’s groups. Read more...


Year-Long Immersion for Women Leaders,
Facilitators & Healers

(coming Fall of 2019)

Gathering a small cohort of sisters who are familiar with the front lines of this work, we will create an intimate, truth-telling and eminently supportive community meeting both online and in-person, for this intensive journey designed to support women healers, leaders and facilitators, those who have listened to the profound calling of our time to be courageous restoration workers, reclamation practitioners, of women’s culture, voice and power. This course will focus on unearthing, articulating and nourishing the specific and unique message you carry, and we will take time in both deep ritual and dedicated, focused conversational, contemplative and journey space to explore. Read more…



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Womens Wisdom Card Deck and Guide Book

This package contains a full-color deck of 45 cards, in their own decorative mesh bag, and an accompanying Guidebook with detailed appendices describing how to start your own powerful and nourishing women’s groups.

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