Chapter 1: The Girl Who Might Be You

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The introduction to OneWoman Radio and Season 1, this deep imagery journey and invitation to recognize the sleeping state of our forgetting takes us into the landscape of our unique and universal wisdom as women, and the rightful inheritance and necessary responsibility that comes with it.

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Action Steps:

  1. Tell five women about the OneWoman Movement and OneWoman Radio. We will succeed if enough of us wake up and stand together. Together, we can accomplish the unimaginable.

  2. Join us for the free monthly calls, ‘Reweaving Women’s Community’ focused on creating and sustaining vibrant women’s groups.

  3. Begin to read about our lost and stolen women’s history and the rich mythology and stories of our heritage (see the Bibliography & Resources section).

  4. Engage in ancestral lineage healing work to cultivate relationships with your female heritage and wisdom.

  5. Set aside 15 minutes in your day to invite awareness of, and permission for, your authentic emotional, soulful experience; listen to your deeper thoughts and connect with the wild world around and within you.


Bibliography & Resources:

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Gratitude & Appreciation:

The deepest gratitude and appreciation go to the ancestors, to the ancient ones, the blood and bone ancestors and the Earth ancestors of place, of person, the ones who are the keepers of the true stories, the beauty and possibility that human culture has largely forgotten; the ones who have never stopped loving or believing in us. May we awaken, remember and return to the central fire of our responsibility to cherish and tend all Life.


OneWoman Radio Show Production Credits:

Narration written and spoken by Christiane Pelmas

Musical score composed, engineered and mastered by Henry Giebler

 All logos, artwork, layout and technology by Alyssa Morin (

Grandmother illustration for OneWoman by Kelly Green Porterfield of



OneWomanRadio Theme Song Credits:

Composed by Henry Giebler

Ancestral Chant created and sung by Angela Blueskies,

Opening Invocation channeled and spoken by the Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi,

Spoken word vocals contributed by:

Maria Bailey

Laure Emlen

Helena Palmquist

Alyson Lanier

Chris Muse

Jolene Monheim

Kai Ping Wu

Julie Daley

Kassandra Brown

Margot Hawk

Feliz Tilek

Adriana Giammaria

Michele Pimenta