Of the Earth: Excavating and Weaving Our Ancestral Female & Earth Inheritance


4 month course beginning September of 2019

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(The pre-requisite for this course is that you have two ancestral lineage healing sessions with me prior to enrolling in this class. The cost of these sessions is not included in the course tuition.)

The Earth and her people are dying for our benevolence and wisdom. For many millennia females have lived under a tyrannical nearly-global human culture that has silenced, sequestered, and subordinated this essential wisdom legacy. Yet, this legacy of wisdom – and the abundance of wellness, sanity, joy and grief which are its offerings – are just below the surface of our dayworld awareness and its distractions. And women, make no mistake, we are being called. You might know this by the level of agitation, urgency or even insanity in your system. Those of us courageous enough to listen are being summoned, to lean in, remember, learn and refine, so we might take what we discover back to our people; those humans and other-than-humans with whom we live, who are relying on us to remember what is needed, and not a moment too soon.

Of The Earth is for you if you’re already tending to your community in deep and on-going ways yet you need your own tending to keep going. This 4 month journey is for you if you’re listening for a deeper-yet layer of the story that is yours to remember, yet you long for a certain depth of holding, reflection and accountability to remember what is yours in this life.

This course supports us to listen for, excavate and revive the true stories of our female heritage, uncovering our particular lineage-wisdom, its images, words, stories, practices and responsibility as women ‘of the Earth’. This course is part ancestral lineage healing and part rewilding. We will meet bi-weekly via ZOOM for 2.5 hours each call (a total of 8 calls). It’s important that you attend at least 6 of the 8 calls so we have the opportunity to weave the ancestral brilliance we each bring with each other’s. In addition we will track and support each other in our private group forum, where will will have access to other materials including tools and projects to further refine our wild wisdom. Our wild band of females will be limited to 16, and the cost is $375.