4-Month Course: September – December 2018


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For dozens of centuries (not very long but long enough) we have been separated from the wild within and around us, made to fear it, to fear our longing for it, to fear the sovereign wisdom that comes from this one of us, to fear its inextricable presence within us. Here, alienated from this essential root of ourselves, we are susceptible to the most egregious silences, to the most harmful participation and beliefs; silences and beliefs which place us at odds with ourselves, each other and the wild Earth upon which we rely for our lives. Perhaps worst of all, when we are alienated from and fearful of this essential root of ourselves we are no longer able to stand in our rightful inheritance and responsibility, as the ones with the deep knowledge and foreknowledge of Earth wisdom, to hear and tend to the wellness of Life.


This course is designed to introduce us to the uncharted terrain of the wild within and around us; the terrain of our sovereign and preeminent relationship with the world, with our ancient grandmothers, with the ancestors of place and Earth, and with eros (not be to confused with sex but rather, simply the elemental energy of creativity, generativity – the elemental energy of the feminine). We will identify and learn to cultivate intimate relationships with these essential wild places and the ones who dwell there, who are our kin. We will discover and learn to develop the care and feeding of her, and the rituals and practices that are expressions of this rewilded one of us. 


This course provides a starting point, skills and tools but of course it cannot provide a map, for once we chart the wild, it is no longer wild. To honor this, we will tread a fine line between structure and flow, group and solo processes. There will be an extensive bibliography and from this, specific suggested readings which will form the jumping off point for some of our practices, rituals, guided journeys and journaling.


Within this online structure, we will both come together and we will venture out on our own, with the guidance of bi-weekly audio recordings from me, invitations for practices, rituals and reflections, you will begin to track and from an intimate relationship with this essential, vital wild aspect of yourself. You will have access to each other within our community in a private group forum – to share your experiences, and read about each other’s, as often or as little as suits you.

During our rewilding journey, you will have the opportunity to explore, learn and support:

  • What it means, uniquely to you, to be a rewilded human, a rewilded female*, unearthing the erroneous notions we have been taught and told that keep us from this critical terrain, supporting each other to take ever-more courageous expeditions further into the wild to discover more essential expressions and aspects of ourselves, expressions and aspects that are necessary, and in the process you will discover some essential aspects of…

  • How to care for the rewilded self of you. We will explore the behaviors, practices, stories and beliefs contributing to your domestication and sleep of deadly forgetting, but also, more importantly, what behaviors, practices, communities, processes and more serve to wake the intelligent, fierce, generative wild within (and around) you. This means you will also learn about….

  • Self-designed ritual and ceremony, including the basics of a thing we have been taught to scoff at or fear: witchcraft (the principle practice of wild things), which is simply the practice of weaving our multiple, diverse intelligences and spirits in service of a shared intention within ritual format

  • The truths about your erotic intelligence, including who and what it’s for, its importance, the threat it poses to the dominant culture, how to nourish it, which means we will also explore….

  • The necessity of women’s community to the rewilded female. For a short period of time (but long enough to have us fast asleep in a deadly forgetting), we have been told women, our sisters, are not safe; that we are, in our true nature, competitive with and vicious to each other. Of course, some of us have become this, for understandable – but inexcusable – reasons. We explore the possibilities and benefits of women’s community, and also how to build it, how to nourish it and how to deepen in.


But perhaps most important of all, in this, and all OneWoman courses, you we will have the opportunity to reweave the essential fabric of the feminine, of women’s culture, through the heart and spirit of your own body and soul. We are restoring the wildness and ecological resilience of woman, of the feminine, and in doing so we are igniting the force that has the power to attend to Earth’s ailing wildness and ecology.


Dates and Details

Bi-Weekly Group Calls

(All times listed are in Mountain Time.)


call #1
September 24th 
4 – 5:30pm

Initial group orientation, introductions, having a look out across the terrain, what does it mean to be wild? Mindfulness, presence and quiet – making ourselves available to the wild in and around us


call #2
October 9th
4 – 5:30Pm

What wildness is not, reclaiming the stolen terrain of our wildness from our domesticated culture


call #3
October 24th
4 – 5:30pm

Defining and refining the ritual & ceremony that is uniquely ours, to cultivate, nourish and honor our authentic, intelligent wildness


call #4
November 5th
4 – 5:30Pm

Exploring the care and feeding of the wild within and around us, despite living in a culture that is deeply fearful of and designed to silence and erase this


call #5
November 19th
4 – 5:30pm

Making love to the wild within and around us; the erotic intelligence of the feminine and its dance with the erotic Life around us


call #6
December 5th
4 – 5:30pm

Final Call – Wrapping up our journey, speaking to the way forward



Bi-Weekly Audio Recordings:

To support you in discovering and exploring specific attributes of your unique Rewilded female.

Audio recordings released:


October 1st 

October 15th    

October 29th

November 12th

November 26th