Reweaving Women’s Community, Year-Long Immersion for Women Leaders, Facilitators & Healers

Coming Fall of 2019



Course Description:

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Gathering a small cohort of sisters who are familiar with the front lines of this work, we will create an intimate, truth-telling and eminently supportive community meeting both online and in-person, for this intensive journey designed to support women healers, leaders and facilitators; those who have listened to the profound calling of our time to be courageous restoration workers, reclamation practitioners, of women’s culture, voice and power. This course will focus on unearthing, articulating and nourishing the specific and unique message you carry, and we will take time in both deep ritual and dedicated, focused conversational, contemplative and journey space to explore what is yours and yours alone, without which the World cannot be whole.

And women, the time is right now to remember and step into the wisdom stories we each carry as leaders, elders, facilitators and community-builders and tenders.

Our group will be limited to 8 women who come forward with their bundle of gifts, carefully kept safe for the moment they might be put to most benevolent and wise use, in honor of a world in which all Life is sacred.

Course Structure, Schedule & Commitment:

In-person initial web weaving: October 16 – 20, 2019, in a location close to Boulder, CO.